#100YEAHS: ORCA van Loon celebrates two jubilees at once

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When the 60th anniversary of the company coincides with the 40th service jubilee of Senior Partner Dietrich Schulze van Loon, there is definitely a reason to celebrate. Under the motto "100YEAHS Schulze van Loon", the company welcomed around 100 invited guests from business, politics and the media.

100 years of pure communication power

In their welcome speeches, son Hendrik and Dietrich Schulze van Loon shared interesting and funny anecdotes from the past decades of the company's history. Other keynote speakers included Sebastian Vesper (Head of the Berlin office of Medienfachverlag Oberauer), Uwe Kohrs (Council Member of GPRA and Managing Director of impact) as well as Egbert Deekeling (Senior Partner Deekeling Arndt Advisors). All three especially honored the career path of Dietrich Schulze van Loon and his great commitment to the communication sector.

Uwe Kors held one of the celebratory speeches at ORCA van Loon

Guests such as Prof. Dr. Günter Bentele - pioneer for PR research and its teaching - Dr. Thomas Brakensiek (Board Member of the Hamburger Volksbank), the Hamburg based publisher Klaus Schümann and Germany's most successful trend researcher Prof. Peter Wippermann celebrated until late in the evening. Both the print and online editions the WELT as well as PR Journal of the WELT as well as the PR Journal reported on the event.g.

ORCA van Loon: A retrospect

Dietrich Schulze van Loon, Managing Partner, is celebrating his 40th service anniversary this year and is able to look back on the company's 60 year history at the same time. In 2017 his son Hendrik Schulze van Loon joined the company as Managing Partner. Under the guiding principle "Next Generation Corporate" he now unites the fields of consulting of future-oriented corporate communications. This makes ORCA van Loon Germany's only strategic communications consultancy, which operates on the market as an owner-managed agency in the third generation. And one thing is clear: ORCA van Loon is ready for the next decades!

The Schulze van Loon family celebrates #100YEAHS

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