We all wear them almost every day at the moment: FFP2 masks. We rely on their safe protection. But what gives us this security? On the one hand, a correct way of wearing, which is up to us. But other criterias are important, too. For example, only CE-certified FFP2 masks guarantee that the safety and health requirements are met throughout the EU. And the TÜV checks again and certifies. So we rely on seals that are ascribed a high level of credibility through independent testing and trust that they are safe.

What does this have to do with communications consulting? Well, we can't put our communications through filters to test their relevance. Nor can we put a client relationship at risk to see what it can withstand. But how do you know if a communications consultancy is actually good or more about appearances than reality? How can those responsible for communications in companies reach into the industry shelf with more certainty?

Self-image vs. external image

As mentioned in our last article, the self-image and external image of a consultancy do not always have to match. Of course, communications consultancies are convinced of their own high-quality work. This is often a good thing, because consultants make an important contribution to their clients. But nowadays, it takes a bit more than self-assertion to provide security in an uncertain and constantly changing market. With its CMSIII seal,  the Society of Leading PR and Communications Agencies in Germany (GPRA) has therefore facilitated an external and independent audit that confirms quality and ongoing process optimization for all stakeholders.

A good feeling due to industry quality!

Everybody profits from this:

  1. the clients can be sure that they receive high quality for their money.
  2. applicants can focus on decision criteria such as place of residence or management styles.
  3. employees get a higher job security, satisfaction through good internal processes and can develop optimally.
  4. management makes decisions based on practiced and certified improvement processes.

But it's not just the individuals or consultancies that win - it's the entire industry that benefits. Not only by the fact that the clients hopefully have positive experiences when working with CMSIII-certified consultancies. One goal of quality management is also to increase the impact of our work. In this way, the contribution of good communication to the value creation of companies, the assertion of political interests or to social change can be strengthened. We are convinced that communication can really make a difference!

In an industry like this, where good work prevails and becomes the standard; where we can achieve something and love, prove and constantly improve our work - that's where we feel right at home. And safe. Just like with a CE and TÜV-certified mask during a pandemic.

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