Action! 5 tips for effective and comprehensible moving image communication

by Simon Jöcker. A picture is worth a thousand words and a film is worth ten thousand. This has been known not only since the triumph of social media. Together with ORCA van Loon Communications, I pursue this claim for companies and organizations. Most recently, for example, with the project "Mobilikon", when the aim was to vividly present new mobility offers for communities in rural areas. How do we do that? Here are five tips & tricks!

The summer slump is dead - long live strategic issue management!

The European Football Championship has just ended and the Olympic Games have already started. And the Bundestag election campaign is slowly getting underway as well. There is certainly no shortage of media topics this summer. Not to mention the long-running Corona case, which continues to be the lead story in the news media during the warm months of this year.

Companies as political actors - a new challenge for communicators?

Corporate social responsibility, brand purpose and now: brand activism. Another one of those English buzzwords that only a few people really know what to do with. Here's an attempt at a little explanation for the vocabulary book: Brand activism is the term we use to describe actions in which companies actively communicate their opinions on socially relevant issues to the outside world.

Why pandemics are able to strengthen the internal CSR communication

Communicating one’s own sustainability to external stakeholders has long been of good manners. Meanwhile though, more and more companies have acknowledged the benefits of targeted CSR communication to their employees. Only a few years ago CSR was highly neglected and lived a dull life. Yet, the scenery has changed. Also – or rather especially now – during the Corona crisis.

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