Newsroom: Plea for smaller measures instead of big theories

Us ORCAs welcomed Marie as an intern for half a year. During this time, she also wrote the following opinion piece. We would like to take this opportunity to thank her again for her support and this exciting article. When working with clients, it is not uncommon for us to explain what exactly communication work is and how different mechanisms are connected - at least that is what my colleagues told me. At the time, I was not only new to ORCA van Loon Communications but also a newcomer to the communication industry. I had spent the last few years as a cultural scientist and research assistant.

Between client and agency: Communicating with communicators

For years, agencies have been sprouting up like mushrooms, trying to outdo each other with the amount of awards they have won. On the corporate side, too, you often find highly trained marketers and experts who live and love their brand. However, where there is always friction, despite all the bundled communications expertise, is in the actual collaboration between agency and company. So how can these be avoided? And is the customer always king, or is a gentle nudge in the right direction the duty of good consultants? A critical self-analysis.

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