The latest creation of the communication consultants surrounding the ORCA Group is called ORCAnol, and it is solution-oriented and extremely effective: a house-made hand sanitizer, which is produced by the group and distributed by the five owner-managed agencies to their employees and customers.

"There are quite a few good communications consultancies out there, but only one has its own distillery - us," says Jan Ritter, Managing Partner of ORCA Campaign and Creative Director of the ORCA Group. "Furthermore, there is little to celebrate at the moment. So, we're not producing shots or gin as giveaways these days but have created the exclusive hand sanitizer ORCAnol." Unlike conventional products, which are usually sold in plastic packaging, ORCAnol is available in a high-quality, transparent glass bottle. It contains 80 percent alcohol (to kill germs) and 100 percent great communication.

80% alcohol and 100% great communication

Economically, the Corona crisis is paralyzing many companies in various industries. It is not without reason that ORCAs are dolphins who even eat sharks. This means that things move forward even in times of crisis. According to the motto "doing instead of complaining", the ORCA Group makes the best of this situation – on a practical basis, goal-oriented and always thinking one step ahead. "Amongst other things, this is demonstrated by the spontaneously developed in-house Corona task force, which offers integrated crisis management around the clock. But also, by the ingenious implementation of digital event concepts - or the switch from schnapps to disinfectant," explains Hendrik Schulze van Loon, Managing Partner at ORCA van Loon. In this context, the ORCA Group stands for solid expertise in various communication disciplines, and consequently also for a successful new start during and after the pandemic.

"Good shape and the ability to react quickly to the demands of the market will continue to characterize the work of our group," says Jan Ritter confidently. "Of course, our work is anything but sterile and immune to stagnant ways of performing."

About ORCAnol

The new ORCAnol disinfectant is manufactured by Birgitta Schulze van Loon. The wife of Dietrich Schulze van Loon (founder and Managing Partner of ORCA van Loon) has made a name for herself in recent years as one of the few female distillers in Germany. She runs her own distillery in Bremen in her glass factory for premium products "Piekfeine Brände" and supplies both her customers and the ORCA Group with self-produced fruit brandies, liqueurs as well as Hanseatic whiskey amongst other things. ORCAnol is available exclusively through the ORCA Group.

About the ORCA Group

The ORCA Group has united five owner-managed agencies since 2012 and maintains nationwide offices in Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg and Munich. In addition to public relations and public affairs (ORCA Affairs, ORCA an der Isar), corporate communications (ORCA van Loon) and advertising (ORCA Campaign), the business areas of the agency network also include communications consulting in the fields of design, lifestyle, and fashion (ORCA Selected). ORCA is also represented internationally through the IPREX agency network, which includes more than 70 independent PR agencies worldwide. The group also nearly doubled its total revenue last year, from 6.09 million Euros (2018) to 13.2 million Euros (2019). In terms of economic growth, this puts the ORCA Group in first place according to Pfeffer's agency ranking.

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