Why do we work with semi-annual 360° feedback meetings and specific target agreements? Simple answer: So that we can all continuously develop and grow with our tasks. We have therefore clearly defined what we expect from our various career levels in this regard in our quality manual. That way, everyone knows what they can work toward and what is expected of them for their next career leap:


Our trainees have a bachelor's or master's degree. During their studies and through internships, they have already gained initial experience in public relations or journalism. After a structured on-boarding process with their personal "lead whale," they are already assisting our clients with project work after just a few weeks. The range of their tasks is as diverse as the sectors of our clientele: content editing, collaboration on strategy development, ongoing contact with journalists and multipliers, research, analysis and evaluation, and initial consultation with clients in a protected space.

Within this framework, they independently take on sub-projects and work with clients and service providers. Their intensive, twelve-month "on the job" training ensures a steep learning curve on their way to becoming a junior consultant. Their lead manager is constantly available to answer all their organizational and technical questions. In this way, this contact person ensures that they are introduced to the agency's processes, tools, organizational procedures and quality standards.

Junior Consultant

Our Junior Consultants have in-depth knowledge in their areas of expertise. They advise our clients independently within the scope of projects and maintain relationships with the clientele on an operational level. They independently implement projects and tasks within the framework of specified time, capacity and cost plans and participate in the processes of accounting and project controlling. In addition, you will develop and create project concepts for measures up to the point of presentation to the client. You will also take responsibility for the induction and integration of our trainees as part of the ORCA mentoring program.


Our consultants have excellent technical knowledge. They have at least three years of professional experience and advise our clients independently, strategically and according to plan. In addition, they develop concepts for challenging, communicative situations and are able to solve the entire spectrum of tasks for our clients. In doing so, they manage and control the implementation of projects, determine the processes through to invoicing and are responsible for the quality of their team's performance. In addition, they are responsible for the quality and further development of relationships with the clientele. Furthermore, they conduct budget negotiations together with our senior consultants and partners.

Senior Consultant

Our Senior Consultants are responsible for providing strategic advice to our clients. They have many years of experience and stand out due to their particular strategic strength and content-related expertise in their specialist areas. Accordingly, as account directors, they also assume responsibility for revenues, earnings and costs for the overall budgets of their teams. In addition, they are important culture bearers in the company: Together with the consultants, they help our employees grow and pass on knowledge and experience within the agency. At the same time, they are actively involved in positioning ORCA van Loon Communications in the market and in acquisition.

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