„Successful in the race against time“

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Whether a fire in a chemistry plant, product blackmail or a hacker attack – companies are prone to crises at any time. In such exceptional situations it is highly important for communications manager to act much faster nowadays, but at the same time very structured, in order to keep potential damage to the reputation as small as possible. To give your actions a real chance, it is vital to make preparations for crisis situations – early and especially in a reasonable manner.

Following this directive the 12th conference concerning Crisis Communication took place on the 29th and 30th of October at the Quadriga University Berlin. Under the motto "Successful in the race against time” more than 100 communication experts with corporate and advisory background met in order to gain new inspiration concerning crisis communication. We took part with a small team and exchanged our views about the newest development and changes in this area.

This conference did not only consist out of traditional concepts like keynote speeches, best cases or workshops. It also presented a live simulation - a concept which describes crisis communication and prevention in the best way and makes it fully comprehensible to the audience. The basis: ten conference participants in one room, one company, one crisis. In groups of two the participants were assigned to different areas of communication like internal or external communication. They all were asked immediately to handle a fire in a chemistry brand communicationwise – starting with the first tweet containing rumours about the cause of the fire, questions from journalists up to calls by irritated employees - this situation had to be handled quickly.

After one hour of very realistic insights it was obvious to everyone: A well-coordinated team with clear structures and hierarchies is needed to manage a crisis communicatively and delicately. Above all, it was also demonstrated to the participants that crisis prevention does not only need appropriate communication measurements but also needs to keep operational crisis management in mind. Not all the critical situations are to be solved communicatively.

Therefore, ORCA van Loon Communications works hand in hand with the Result Group, one of the internationally leading consultancies for global risk and crisis management. Together they provide integrated crisis prevention and live simulations .

If only because of this simulation, surely many participants will have found this conference worth to be visited. But also many other speeches, as for example one about “Crisis 4.0 – Responsiveness due to digital Crisis Communication” or “How to invest time before the crisis, in order to save time in case of the crisis” have raised awareness for these highly important topics. This clearly shows: Crisis Prevention is indispensable. A fact that clearly still is neglected in many companies. A crisis can happen to anyone at any time.


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