Joint Forces: ORCA van Loon about crisis management and crisis communication

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"In times of crisis, speed is the top maxim", Dietrich Schulze van Loon as managing partner of ORCA van Loon Communication says as part of the Security Day at the Hamburger Volksbank. In the past week representatives of the constitution protection, insurance and chancery got together to discuss the topic of operational safety in international business. Our partner from the Result Group shared his expertise in the field of crisis management.

Security is deemed to be the second most important need of a person. Only the fundamental, psychological needs like breathing, water, nourishment and sleep are more important.

How integrated crisis consulting offers support in case of an emergency

Minimising the risk of possible reputation damage during crises and other factors that could be critical to success has become more complex, it's hard to stay on top of everything with the mass of channels and key players that are involved. The communicative control about the situation is won by the one who becomes active fast and organises an aligned public image. And that only works when crisis management and crisis communication work hand in hand.

Planning is half the battle

When it gets risky all processes of the crisis mangement and crisis communication should intertwine in order to minimise or even avert financial damages and possible loss of reputation. And this needs to be practiced! "Whether companies emerge from crises unscathed is decided long in advance", Mr Schulze van Loon says. Sensible prevention measures are for example crisis committee trainings, media monitoring or shitstorm-simulations.

Long-term experience as safety net

ORCA van Loon communications combines in strategic alliance with the Result Group, one of the international leading consulting companies for global risk- and crisis management, all process steps of communicative crisis prevention tightly with the preventive and operative crisis management. "Crisis management is nothing without crisis communication", résumés René Rühl, Senior Manager at the Result Group.


René Rühl (Senior Manager, Result Group), Dietrich Schulze van Loon (Managing Partner, ORCA van Loon) and Dr. Thomas Brakensiek (Board member, Hamburger Volksbank)

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