It's official: the German Federal Police podcast "FUNKDISZIPLIN" is the winner of this year's PR Report Award in the Corporate Media Digital category! In the podcast, which was developed together with the ORCA Group, listeners learn first-hand what it takes to work for the German Federal Police. The FUNKDISZIPLIN team was able to score points with the jury, especially through the authentic style. 

The result shows that podcasts have become an integral part of the PR world. With sufficient preparation, a well-thought-out format and a precise strategy, they can become an exciting tool for Corporate Communications . Whether it’s on a business trip or while jogging, the medium is a great companion in many everyday situations and hereby sets itself apart from other media. However, before companies jump on the trend, they should consider carefully whether or not this is a sensible move to make. After all, what often sounds like a casual conversation when listening must be well planned behind the scenes. But if it is successful, companies and organizations have the chance to build a special relationship with the target audience and convey their messages in an authentic way.

We are delighted with this successful and now also award-winning project and congratulate all the other winners and participants! We would also like to extend a very special thank you to the PR Report Award team, who hosted this year's awards ceremony digitally, in their usual entertaining and professional manner.

More information about the award on Twitter and about the ORCA Group can be found here!

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