Framework contract for public measures in the government purchasing authority of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, communications for the jubilee "30 Years of German Unity” as well as further new business success bring higher turnover and image boost

“2019 has been the best year since our group has been existing”, Michael T. Schröder, Managing Partner of ORCA Affairs and spokesman of the ORCA Group, draws a balance by beginning of the year. “We’re very lucky about this extraordinary development! Since February 2019, we have been working for several federal ministries as well as around 100 federal institutions after winning the framework contract or public measures in the government purchasing authority of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. This offers the excellent opportunity to accompany highlights such as “70 Years of Constitutional Law” or “30 Years of Peaceful Revolution – 30 Years of German Unity” in a comprehensive communicative manner. This has not only well-filled our order books and enabled ORCA Affairs as lead agency to triple its number of employees in Berlin and Munich up to 45 within one year. In addition, we saw a great image boost within the industry during the past twelve months – also apart from institutional communications. I have not seen such a development in my 30-year career!”

Total revenue of 13.2 million euros in the financial year of 2019

With a total turnover von 13.2m Euros (2018: 6.09m Euros) the five owner-managed ORCA agencies surely belong to the agencies most-grown and thus to the 15 to 20 leading communication advisories in Germany.

“Integrated collaboration within the ORCA Group has reached a new dimension in 2019”, Hendrik Schulze van Loon, Managing Partner of ORCA van Loon with offices in Hamburg and Bremen, sums up the current upward trend of the agency group. “Our agency-wide communication in the political sphere is picking up even more speed as a result of several new client mandates, especially coming from ministries and authorities. This has been inspiring for us and clearly shows that right communication is of utmost relevance for societal issues.”

Messenger campaign “70 Years of Consitutional Law”

“Obviously this is not the time, where customers do not believe in advertising anymore”, Jan Ritter, Managing Partner of ORCA Campaign, says. “Many people seem to have understood or learned one thing: The ones not doing anything, are nothing. Or the other way around: Who allows excellent things, stands out between the others.”

Amongst others, the messenger campaign “70 Years of Consitutional Law” for the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection shows that the ORCAs have allowed lots of good things in 2019. It was not only “WhatsApp” as a channel, but also the content that was suprising for a ministry. Another example: Leifheit. After not allowing any advertisement for a long time the Nassau-based company, which belongs to the leading providers of household products, starts a massive TV campaign, which ORCA Campaign was allowed to produce ten TV copies for. In 2019, the first copies already ran in the Netherlands, Austria and the Czech Republic and made turnover rise massively in all countries.

As a special highlight of the year, ORCA van Loon looks back on the successful realisation of the extensive change process of MS Europa as the flagship of Hapag-Lloyd Cruises. Further, winning the pitch of BMW Financial Services as well as securing the budget for another three years was a great success for ORCA van Loon as the advisory that is currently holding the PR budget.

At the same time, ORCA Affairs was able to further expand its institutional competence and expertise with regard to civil dialogues, thanks to various communication measures which relate to “30 Years of Peaceful Revolution - 30 Years of German Unity”. Another reason for celebration for the ORCAs in Berlin: In 2019 the framework contract for the new recruits campaign of the federal police force was extended for another two years.

ORCA Food, the newest ORCA division, was also able to build up reserves: Kraftfoods, CSM American Bakery with Milka and Oreo, the groceries magazine “Lebensmittelzeitung” as well as La Montesina became part of their client list and will now be served with delicious “advertising produce” by ORCA Food.

A positive outlook on 2020

„We are very optimistic and perfectly positioned for further projects in 2020”, says Michael T. Schröder. “In our role as framework agency for the federal government, we will expand our internal cooperation and position the ORCA Group as a key player within the German communications market. In particular, we have significantly enhanced our digital competence with regard to content and personnel.”

Current projects indicate that this undertaking will be successful: At the start of 2020 the ORCA Group is amongst other things responsible for the volunteering campaign of the Federal Agency for Technical Relief, is planning a “Diabetes 2” campaign for the Federal Centre for Health Education and manages the internationally oriented campaign for the immigration act for skilled personnel in Germany, implemented by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

During the second half-year, Germany is taking on the EU Council Presidency. “The ORCA Group will accompany this important lighthouse in the political calendar through extensive communication on behalf of the Bundestag and Ministry for Foreign Affairs”, explains ORCA Affairs Managing Director Schröder, who with the beginning of the new year announces changes to the agency location in Munich: From now on, the team in Munich will act under its new name ORCA an der Isar GmbH. Managing partner is Thomas Stahlschmidt who has supported the location since 2013. The main focus will continue to be on complex issues regarding logistics, infrastructure and mobility.

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