Initial Situation

The EBC University of Applied Sciences belongs to the most traditional, private universities in Germany, with locations in Berlin, Düsseldorf, and Hamburg. Here, future leaders and performers study practice-oriented and international business or health sciences as a Bachelor or Master.


Following the appointment of a new president, the EBC does not only want to become a more digital university but also find a new approach to prospective students and develop a rather modern kind of corporate communication: less traditional media relations but rather an integrated mixture of media relations, events as well as owned, paid, and earned media.

Idea and Realisation

We developed a positioning as a college with an "us-feeling" as well as a comprehensive communication strategy. Additionally, we supported with content and distribution strategies across all social media channels and designed and implemented a blog with complementary contents to the EBC website. As "Unite by EBC" it transports target-oriented topics and wordings of relevant content and emphasises the developed positioning.


The communication of the change of presidency, the blog launch as well as the repositioning of the university were successful. In addition, we generated a greater range of social media channels.


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