Initial Situation

The Kiel Chamber of Industry and Commerce is committed to the interests of around 65,000 companies with a wide network of offices, which serves both to anchor the Chamber in the region and to ensure proximity to member companies, thus contributing to economic growth in northern Germany.


Our consulting services included the strategic and communicative support of the change process of the IHK zu Kiel on its way to becoming the most modern chamber in Germany. To this end, a new culture of dialog had to be developed and employees had to be strongly involved in the entire process. We were also responsible for explaining the new self-image to internal stakeholders.

Idea and implementation

We initiated and branded the "Spinnaker" process after we had developed a sustainable communication strategy and thus created the basis for new impulses to motivate the employees*. We ensured the necessary employee involvement with workshops, coaching sessions and surveys, while providing continuous information with a magazine, newsletter and events - all with maritime rhetoric and motifs, in keeping with "Spinnaker".


High participation rate in workshops, surveys and introduced working groups with low rate of blockers of the process. Employee* involvement was successful at all levels. We implemented long-term communication processes that the IHK zu Kiel can now implement on its own in day-to-day business.

Finalist German Award Business Communication 2018, category „Intern Communication“


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