Whether we talk about international corporations or medium-sized companies – there is always a moment when matters turn precarious. If companies are able to survive crises unscathed depends on factors which are determined far in advance. In times of an ever faster dissemination of information and fake news, early warning systems and proactive issue management together with well-functioning processes are more essential to elaborated crisis prevention than ever before: Due to social media, stakeholders are able to follow crises in real time. Loss of control and limited action ability become obvious in a second.

In means of individual crisis prevention we analyse communicative crisis potential and develop detailed manuals for communication and social media guidelines as well as efficient structures for measurement. Those we test regularly in corporation with an appointed crisis unit under real circumstances: in real time, interactive, and according to real crisis scenarios, but also in the course of media trainings and shitstorm simulations.

Thereby, we tightly interlink all process steps of communicative crisis prevention with preventive and operative crisis management – enabled by our strategic alliance with the Result Group, one of the internationally leading consulting companies for global risk and crisis management.


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