Initial Situation

The Tata Steel Group is one of the largest steel manufacturing companies in the world and, with its European subsidiary Tata Steel Europe, one of the leading steel manufacturing companies in Europe. The European branch produces innovative and sustainable steel products for markets such as the automotive, packaging and energy industries.


In 2013, we started with the goal of building Tata Steel Europe's reputation in the German steel market and establishing it as an opinion-leading company - while reducing prejudices against the Indian parent company. Since 2016, the consultancy mandate has also included strategic communications advice on the joint venture negotiations with thyssenkrupp.

Idea and implementation

We developed an overarching communications strategy and serve as an external press office for daily, business and trade media. We advise top management and position them at exclusive conferences. At the same time, we take care of monitoring and listening as well as issues management and provide advice in success-critical situations. We integrate the joint venture storyline into the communications strategy and actively communicate our core messages.


As a result, we succeeded in achieving a notable increase of recognition in the German market and a successful positioning as a thought leader for innovation and sustainability. By 2016 we were able to generate 300 publications in daily and business news with a with a reach of around 180 million contacts. Despite wide-ranging disscussions regarding the joint venture, we subsequently protected Tata Steel's reputation and positioned the company as an equal partner for thyssenkrupp's steel business.


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