Initial Situation

The global technology group Voith is known for its diverse portfolio consisting of installations, service features, and digital applications. Thereby, this family business sets new standards in markets like energy, raw materials, and automotive industry – sectors which are prone to crises.


Our primary goal was to implement a global crisis communications handbook and give strategic advice by developing global communication structures for crisis prevention and management. Foremost essential to us was the intern communication of new structures and standards.

Idea and implementation

In order to be as well prepared as possible for potential crises, we conducted real-time crisis simulations with the actual top management crisis team as well as media trainings and shitstorm simualtions. This way we were able to examine the crisis communications handbook under real time conditions. Based on the conclusions and findings of the crisis training, we ensured that the manual was continuously adapted and optimized.


Our results were stable, well-working crisis structures and a well prepared global player. By means of our strategic advisory we were able to clearly improve the international, crisis-related collaboration between individual communicative “Centres of Competence” (COC) in four global company regions. Within these frame structures the communicative centres have the opportunity to communicate individually with their headquarters in case of a crisis.


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