You ask yourself why we are Next Generation Corporate ? Well there are two reasons: We aren't just the only communication consultancy in Germany that successfully operates in the third generation.

It has also been our committment since 1958 to daily adapt corporate communications to the newest developments of our communication. And we all know: the next challenge for strategic communication is already lurking behind the next corner – and is waiting for us. The cool thing about it: We are looking forward to it! These two points bring us together day by day: as Next Generation Corporate.

The digitalisation is probably the biggest step for us all during this process. But who knows today what tomorrow will bring? That is why we have a clear philosophy: Even experienced consutants need to learn new things more and more quickly. And who could be a better help with that than Young Professionals who are even closer to the new developments?

That's why everyone here is listening to each other – regardless of age and hierarchy. Because what counts for us, is the best idea. And these often come from those who think differently and with new solutions. This makes you as a Young Professional an incredibly important part of our long-term success as a company.

At the same time, you should learn to be a strategic consultant – and that is not always what university is teaching is because for us, goal-oriented consulting has a lot to do with psychology. And there is time for that in our Traineeship:

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