Our corporate culture is the basis of our success. Because it is not only the basis for how we work successfully with our customers. It is also the way in which we interact with each other as a team on a daily basis - respectfully, trustingly and in a familiar manner:


We maintain a trusting and long-term dialog with our clients and their stakeholders based on mutual respect. We identify ourselves with our clients - without giving up the critical distance of our consulting activities.


We stand up for our convictions. We earn the trust of our clients through constructive dialogue. We have acquired our competence and professionalism over the years in a close interlocking of consulting and implementation.


Lasting and special quality can only be achieved through passion. Therefore, it is the decisive driver for our success: in the relationships with our clientele, in consulting and implementation as well as in the evaluation of our work.


We challenge and encourage goal-oriented creativity. Although only strategically planned communication solutions strengthen the reputation of a company and therefore become value drivers – without creativity they don't stand out from the vast mass of content.



When communication markets change, we show our clients the way. That's why we're not only aware of the latest trends and developments in corporate communications, opinion-forming and social media. We also understand them - and thus incorporate them into our daily work.



We are not successful as individuals, but only as a team. When things go wrong, we don't look for someone to blame, but for ways to get even better together. We don't just work together, we are part of a family. Anyone who has been part of ORCA van Loon Communications knows that.

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