As for people around the world, Russia's war of aggression on Ukraine came as a shock to our team. In the break room, in kickoffs, in jour fixes and everywhere in between, there was no other topic that was so emotional and relevant, especially in the first few days. For a long time, words didn't seem to suffice.

In the may issue the prmagazin collected 67 articles from PR agencies. In it, communications experts spoke about their day-to-day work with clients and employees during the first weeks of the war. Hendrik Schulze van Loon, Managing Partner at ORCA van Loon, also reported on his personal and ORCA's handling of the new situation:

Managing Partner, Hendrik Schulze van Loon, commented on the handling of the new situation in the prmagazin

On February 24th, I was very absorbed in my work. It was only around noon that I checked the usual news apps and messengers on my phone. Suddenly, there was war in Europe. I was paralyzed for a moment, feeling fear like I felt as a child when I dreamed about nuclear war. There was the Iron Curtain, the division into democracy and oppression. But then came the turning point, the "Gorbi, Gorbi" shouts, the Iron Curtain fell. The Soviet Union was dissolved, the Russian Federation came into existence. More or less peacefully. I could hardly believe it. And now? A war of aggression against Ukraine, barely 1,500 kilometers from Berlin. From a Russia that denies Ukraine's right to exist and fights against alleged Nazis. Surreal. My grandfather and founder of our agency, Dr. Reiner Schulze van Loon, had to fight against the Red Army in Kharkiv when he was in his early twenties. He told me about the evil of war and warned against a repetition of history. Freedom does not come for free, he warned. Now the time has come - history is repeating itself. Brother nations are massacring each other in front of the eyes of the world public. The liberators from the Second World War become the warmongers of today. The tireless President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who brilliantly plays all channels of communication against Putin's propaganda machine. How do we deal with this new reality? In the agency, we quickly decided to help. In the form of donations and working time for aid projects for the Ukrainian population. We also offer professional help for our employees. On the client side, we are dealing with a possible natural gas embargo and preparing exit scenarios in terms of communication. In particular, we handle many mandates in the area of critical infrastructure. Here, we took a clear position early on that it is essential in this conflict to quickly refrain from supplying Russian natural gas. In addition, we advise our clients on how best to deal with the issue of war in terms of communication, both internally and externally. In times of propaganda, it is important as a communication manager to convey certainty and stance and to have a balanced view of the current news situation. Because there is no escape from the truth.

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