At ORCA van Loon Communications demanding tasks await, wich will challenge you. With the intense training on the job we guarantee one thing: A steep learning curve. No matter if you start as a Trainee or Consultant. We also support you in your daily business in order to ensure that we keep meeting our quality standards. In our ORCA Diving Lab you deep dive into exactly those topics that you need to progress. This way we make a development possible that fits your requirements and is adapted to your learning rate.

At the same time, our ORCA Mentoring-Programm supports your personal growth and ensures that you inegrate well into the team from day one. That's why our ORCA-swimming school provides every new colleague with an experienced employee from day one. They assist you with your professional and personal development and ensure that we support you towards your strengths. On this, they are your neutral sparring partner and instigator:

Startegy, consulting, Digital Bootcamp: For these topics 60 Minutes aren't enough. Therefore we approach them on entire working days – internal and external, detached from our daily business and together with our ORCA-Partners.

Time to inspire! We can only advise our clients on new trends if we understand them. That's why colleagues and experts regulary show us the reputation management of tomorrow. Transdisciplinary and open.

Silos? No thank you! That's why the participation for all new ORCAs in our ORCA Exchange-Program for at least 2 weeks at ORCA Affairs in Berlin or at ORCA Campaign in the "Speicherstadt" of Hamburg is always part of the experience!

Everything is becoming digital. But one things stays the same: Communication takes part between humans. That's why at least 2 conferences a year are obligatory for every ORCA. No matter if "Kommunikationskongress", OMR or Social Media Week.

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