Hanseatic Town of Uelzen: Secret capital of electric mobility

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ORCA van Loon accompanied the long-term client Stadtwerke Uelzen to the awarding of funding approval to the Federal Ministry for transportation and digital infrastructure. The project "mycity e-mobility sets new standards when it comes to electrical charging infrastructure throughout Germany. Withing the frame of the set of measures "Sofortprogramm Saubere Luft" the federation provides an enormous sum for the nationwide expansion of charging stations for electric vehicles. With overall 150.000 Euros the ongoing project "mycity E- Mobility is being funded.

Now it's official: last thursday the ceremonial handover of the current funding approval took place in Berlin. With appreciative words Andreas Scheuer, Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, presented Stadtwerke Uelzen the document: "What happenend in Uelzen and surrounding areas is a pioneering step in the right direction. We pay tribute to Stadtwerke Uelzen for the engagement and gladly support this with our funding", Scheuer said.

The implementation of the funding guideline is coordinated by NOW National Organisation Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology. In total the federation provides a sum of 300 million Euro for the national expansion of charging stations for electro vehicles.

Uelzen in a pioneering role

Within the last month eight Ultra Fast Charger with a power of 150 kW were put into (test-) service, two additional ones will follow until the end of this year. Apart from that, there are only four quick-charging power stations with corresponding power in Lower Saxony. With that Stadtwerke Uelzen provide more than double the amount of quick-charging stations than previously existed in the whole of Lower Saxony. "We have our eyes firmly set on the future and face the responsibility for the climate- and resource protection", Markus Schümann, the manager of Stadtwerke Uelzen corroborated the engagement of the local energy service provider. "WE don't just talk – we act!"

And that is more important than ever, Extreme weather condicitons increase at an alarming rate and in the year 2017 the CO2emissions reached a never seen before record level. The Federal Government drafted guidelines for an environmentally friendly, reliable and affordable energy supply as early as 2010. Special focus lies on the transformation of the mobility sector: Until 2020 there are supposed to be about 1 million electro vehicles on the roads. With the unprecedented expansion of the comprehensive infrastructure in the sector of electric mobility mycity creates a big incentive for switching to electric vehicles.

mycity sets a milestone

With this project mycity establishes an important cornerstone when it comes to climate protection. "The city has pointed out the right way by passing the climate concept for Uelzen in the year of 2014. Stadtwerke Uelzen set a crucial impulse for a sustainable Uelzen by building ten modern quick-charging stations", Jürgen Markwardt, mayor of the Hanseatic Town of Uelzen, emphasized. "We stay on the ball to continuously enhance our quality of life of our citizens", he promises.

In the next four weeks the test mode of the new Ultra Fast Charger runs in Uelzen. During this time all fast chargers are put through the test so that a smooth utilisation can be guaranteed until the official opening in the beginning of January.

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